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Unlocking possibilities

The solution for co-management of patients with implantable cardiac devices is here.

New functionality

Heart failure and electrophysiology teams can now monitor patients in parallel.

Murj provides dedicated workflows and essential cross-functional communication tools for effective CIED patient co-management.

Identifying transmission data.

Murj’s Dedicated Heart Failure workflow automates the identification and assignment of HF transmission types.

One patient, multiple care teams.

When HF transmissions occur, Murj categorizes and directs them to the right clinical teams, saving time and ensuring prompt responses.

Intelligent care attribution.

Murj’s Dedicated Heart Failure workflow precisely identifies received transmissions and completed work for each patient, ensuring proper credit for EP and HF teams.

Improved reimbursement capture.

Murj significantly reduces administrative complexity and acts as a safeguard against missed billing opportunities.

Shared Insights

Secure messaging between clinicians.

Murj facilitates seamless communication between HF and EP teams through the Murj Connect messaging feature, contributing to well-rounded patient care strategies.