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You can believe every word we say, but sometimes it's better to hear it from others.

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“The power of Murj in our cardiac device workflow is incredible. I’m never giving it up.”

Seth Goldbarg MD, FACC, FHRS

NY Presbyterian – Queens

“With Murj, we have entered into the 2nd millennium of CIED data management.”

Kay Arnsberger PA, CCDS

George Washington University Medical Faculty Associates

“Switching to Murj’s workflow to manage over 4,000 patients has saved me hours each day, and our nurse practitioners now spend time on patient care, not on administration.”

Rae Broome Lead Device Technician

Prisma Health – Upstate

“Thanks to Murj, we’re in a better position than we’ve ever been. I’m getting ready to go on vacation next month and I think it’s the first time I don’t feel anxious about what I will come back to.”

Tina Allmandinger RN, Arrhythmia Diagnostic Center Supervisor

Parkview Physicians Group Cardiology

“The interval tracking makes sorting through remote transmissions much quicker. The ability to quickly look and see when the patient’s last transmission was makes determining if they are due a much more streamlined and simple process.

Mary Beth Griepp Device Clinic Coordinator

Cardiology Associates

“With Murj, we’ve taken our billing and made a complete 180. We were missing 75% of our remote transmissions due to denials based on the billing interval timing. Our denial rate is now essentially zero.”

Jason Lappe EP

“We manage thousands of patients and used spreadsheets for advisories in the past. It was essentially a manual process and incredibly burdensome. After adopting Murj Advisory Management, our advisory workflow is organized in one platform where all staff have access. In a short timeframe, we’ve reduced the burden on our staff and streamlined our advisory management process tremendously.”

Nyree Sencion-Akhtar DNP, MSN, FNP-C, Lead Device NP

Westchester Heart & Vascular Electrophysiology

“I am so happy with the customer support at Murj. Every time I reach out, the team is right there to help me and I really appreciate everyone at Murj being so supportive.”

Kristi Aalto CCDS, Device Technician

Honorhealth Heart Group

“Murj provides exceptionally great service and convenience for the physicians to take care of their patients effectively.”

Maria Viqar-Syed EP, FACC, FHRS

Dallas Medical Physicians Group