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Partners from the beginning.

Every step of the way
successful launches
dedicated team
Project manager
Support team
Platform specialists
integration specialists
The steps to launch

Ready when you are.


Workflow discovery.

We'll observe your current workflow for both in-office and remote, then show you how and where Murj will introduce automation.


Billing configuration.

Let us know how you'd like to set up billing models and we'll help you customize them to maximize efficiency.


Integration walkthrough.

We meet with your IT department to discuss capabilities and customization, but we handle most of the work.


Pre-launch training.

Follow along and ask questions as a dedicated Murj customer success member walks you through the platform and all the tools available.


Patient upload transition.

A patient upload specialist will look for errors or duplicate data, so you can be assured of the best result upon launch.


T minus zero. Launch.

This is when everyone gets excited. Even your dedicated team from Murj. Time to get excited.