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Cardiac device management software designed to solve a problem witnessed first-hand.

Our mission is simple.

Deliver great software every day, and provide cardiac device clinics of any size the best tools to deliver great patient care with great outcomes, while significantly improving clinic operations.

How it's done

Superior patient outcomes

Improve patient safety and quality of care.

Lower cost of care

Increase staff productivity and efficiency.

Staff satisfaction

Reduce employee burnout and workload.

Higher reimbursement

Streamline billing workflows.

Why now, why Murj?

Clinics who adopt Murj experience up to 80% reduction in labor efforts while conducting routine device checks. This is only possible with Murj – thoughtfully designed to automate the burden of manual tasks. Which means no more paper charts, logging into multiple websites, or rummaging for historical patient data.

It’s time to leave the administration madness behind.

The power of Murj in our cardiac device workflow is incredible – I’m never giving it up.

Seth Goldbarg MD, FACS

Murj is uniquely positioned to meet all cardiac clinic goals.

Murj enables users to master modern cardiac device care: care to the recommended standards, retention of the full professional and technical component fees, and productive and satisfied care professionals.

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Murj is delivering the results providers demand of healthcare technology investments.

Murj has the deepest and most extensive functionality of any cardiac device management solution available today.

Automated interval tracking, instant access to patient historicals, data rich analytics, and seamless EHR integration enable Murj users to master modern cardiac device care.

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Care provider workflow

  • All CIED Devices, All HL7 Discrete Data
  • Remote, In-Office & Heart Failure Workflows
  • 100% Transmission Capture
  • Auto Generation of Draft Report
  • 2-Click Clear™ Transmission Review
  • Event Historicals Linked to Electrograms
  • Automated Care Interval Tracking
  • Eliminate Continuous Scheduling
  • Renowned Customer Success Team
  • Patient Care Reports with Objective-Driven Workflows

Data analytics

  • Unmatched & Real-Time Analytics on Tableau®
  • Clinical & Operational Analytics
  • CIED Population Management
  • Care Modality Breadkown
  • Care Compliance Dashboard
  • Staff, Device, Patient Insight

EHR integration

  • API, VPN, FHIR Integrations
  • Bi-Directional & Uni-Directional
  • Automated Billing
  • All EHR Systems
  • Multiple Billing Models Supported
  • Enterprise scalability
  • Full Encryption
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • SOC II Type 2 Certification
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • SAML 2.0 Support for Single Sign-On

Unmatched innovation

  • 14 Global Patents

Murj integrates with all EHR systems.

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