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For Murj’s Customer Success team members, the end user is at the heart of everything they do. Whether it’s onboarding new clinicians, solving technical challenges, or helping customers better understand how to get the most out of the Murj platform, the Customer Success team is dedicated to ensuring users have the best experience possible day in and day out.

As Murj Senior Customer Success Manager Erik “Shep” Shepard can attest, the Customer Success team is a vital part of making sure users have a positive and engaging relationship with Murj throughout their entire journey with the platform.

“My role is to ensure users have an exceptional experience with Murj,” Shep says. “That’s what Customer Success does; scrub away all the blemishes and make sure everybody has a pleasant experience.”

Regardless of the task—from launching new clinics, to navigating technical challenges, to recommending best practices—the Customer Success team is there for Murj users, every step of the way.

Read on to learn more about Shep’s role and what a typical day—if there is one—looks like for the Customer Success team.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I start the day with a morning standup call with our east coast team. They bring to light any pressing issues for the day. We trade ideas, hear about everybody’s day, seek coverage for anybody who needs to step away from their desk at any point. These morning check-ins help us prioritize our schedules and determine where urgency is needed.

After that, I try to touch base with some clinics that I’ve helped to launch. I’ll check in to see how the new workflows are helping. Maybe I’ll send some metrics their way or ask them how they’re feeling about a certain hot topic we discussed previously. Then I’ll speak with clinics where we have a launch planned. We probably have paperwork that needs to be turned in or tasks that need to be completed.

Later in the day I might have a “chat” shift. Our help desk tool allows users to chat with us by simply clicking a little chat bubble on the Murj platform. Our team is terrific and can typically respond to any inquiry in under a minute.

I also work cross-functionally with members of our Product and Marketing teams on creating onboarding resources and articles for the self-service Murj Help Center. We’re providing users and employees with the tools they need to better understand the platform. It’s about ensuring the continuity of knowledge, delivering easily digestible content to users, and helping scale our business.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I like seeing the clinic success stories. A lot of times, when we launch a new clinic, some clinicians are resistant to change. They may have 30+ years of experience doing cardiac device management in a specific way. Just like they’ve been driving the same route to work every day and they don’t want to change that. They think Murj is going to uproot and disrupt their entrenched daily workflow.

But when we treat them with care and respect, and show them how Murj can help them be more consistent, deliver better care, better support their staff, and ensure they get paid for the work they actually do—that positive discovery is great to see and it happens every time. Going from that hesitancy to hearing, “Wow, this is incredible. I have time back. I can go to my children’s sports games. I can work from home twice a week”—it really is amazing.

The Murj Customer Success team is committed to delivering “white glove service” to users. What does that mean to you?

We have core knowledge from the industry that we deliver in a professional way, faster than anybody else. Murj is setting the “white glove” standard within the cardiac device industry.

When you connect with the Customer Care team through Murj channels, you can expect that you will be treated with professionalism and respect. You’ll be heard, you’re not going to be left in the dark, ever. We will follow up with intelligence and with knowledge.

What do you find rewarding about working at Murj?

There’s a deficit of healthcare workers, especially in the cardiac device industry. And the amount of patients requiring cardiac devices continues to expand. So you have a deficit of providers and a surplus of patients.

Murj bridges that gap by giving providers more capacity to see more patients—to provide better care to more patients, more efficiently, and with fewer staff than ever before. Murj software streamlines device care workflow and eliminates many administrative and manual tasks. We’re literally giving care providers hours back each day.

I think my favorite part about working at Murj is the sense that our solutions give our customers more time to spend with their patients as well as with their families and loved ones.

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