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Murj presented an educational spotlight session at MedAxiom’s CV Transforum Fall’22 in Austin, Texas. Moderated by Murj Co-founder and COO Reed Gaither, the fireside chat brought together CIED industry leaders for an engaging discussion on the challenges and merits of adopting modern CIED workflow technology.

The speakers

Key takeaways

  • Keep the focus on patient outcomes when considering new technologies
  • Greater efficiency and task reduction can improve provider and staff satisfaction
  • Listen to all stakeholders early and often to get enterprise buy-in
  • Small successes build credibility to champion for bigger change
  • Future technical innovations will continue to benefit CIED patients and providers

In their own words

Don’t throw the ball to where the receiver is now because that is long gone. Try to do your best to not even throw to where the receiver is going to be, but really ahead of where the receiver should be… Make the case clear that investments in technology, investments in efficiency, investments in quality of care for the patients and the providers on your team pay off great dividends. They allow you to proceed forward because otherwise, if you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll throw the ball to where the receiver was last game.

Dr. Zayd Eldadah on the importance of being prepared and proactive when advocating for change.

When we went through COVID—and when we went through losing staff and not being able to replace them—we realized that we’ve got to figure out how to work smarter, not harder. We’re not going to get the level of staffing back anytime soon. We had to learn how to use our staff more efficiently and to make their days run a whole lot better.

Kelli Shifflett on the main driver that pushed HCA to embrace CIED workflow technology.

I get hugs in the hallway now. I walk down the hallway and some of these folks will just come up to me and just say, ‘Thank you. This is so much better today than it used to be.’

Jim Wetzel  on the satisfaction that accompanied Oklahoma Heart’s successful adoption of new CIED workflow technology.