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Cloud-Based Platform Frees Clinicians to Focus on Patients

SANTA CRUZ, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Murj, Inc., a digital health company dedicated to helping clinicians streamline care for patients with implantable cardiac devices, today announced general availability of the company’s cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant application that consolidates data from all implantable cardiac device (CIED) types and manufacturers into an elegant, robust platform that delivers rapid clinical care and deep patient insight.

The Murj platform will be on display at booth #331 at the Heart Rhythm Scientific Sessions (HRS) conference from May 10-13 in Chicago, Ill.

“We are excited to share our solution with the electrophysiology community at HRS and beyond,” said Todd Butka, CEO of Murj. “Our mission is to enhance the lives of cardiac care professionals and their patients through a well-designed and innovative device management platform, and we truly believe Murj delivers on that goal.”

To ease the growing burden of CIED device data transmissions, Murj facilitates an efficient and rapid workflow, reducing a routine device check to under two minutes and just two clicks. Physicians can review and approve all device impressions with ease, and patient historicals and prior events are immediately available. Proprietary analytics can easily manage recalls. Murj allows clinics to boost their productivity and more consistently achieve the recommended number of patient follow-up touchpoints each year.

Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital recently began utilizing Murj in Monterey County, Calif. The clinic had live streams of patient data in Murj within days of signing a contract, due to Murj’s simple, cloud-based set-up process.

“This technology is already having an impact on how I approach patient care,” said Dr. Christopher Oh. “The interface is elegant, providing rapid insight about past impressions, transmissions and care protocols, saving me time for patient engagement. Equally important, Murj makes my practice far more productive, contributing to better staff satisfaction and clinic performance.”

Murj recently announced a Series A fundraising round of more than $4.5 million in partnership with True Ventures and Social Capital.

About Murj

Murj is a digital health company dedicated to helping clinicians streamline care for patients with implantable cardiac devices. Murj greets the challenge of managing the rapid growth of cardiac device data as an opportunity to improve care and deliver insight. With Murj you can liberate your device clinics from paper reports and inadequate management tools, freeing clinicians to get back to the heart of the matter— their patients.