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Cloud-based Workflow Solution Empowers Care Providers with Rapid Care of Impacted Patients

SANTA CRUZ, California – January 25, 2022 – Murj, the leading cloud-based healthcare software for cardiac device management, announced today the availability of Murj Advisory Management. This new offering is the industry’s first comprehensive advisory management solution for implantable electronic cardiac devices and leads – empowering care providers to quickly and efficiently manage impacted patients while boosting enterprise visibility.

An advisory is issued by the product manufacturer when a potential issue is identified with respect to product performance or patient safety.  The advisory will describe the potential issue, the devices or leads impacted, and the suggested actions to mitigate the issue.

Previously, there were no modern tools to manage advisories, forcing care providers to use excessively time-consuming paper-based workflows, custom spreadsheets, or antiquated premise-based software. Murj has reimagined advisory management with an automated workflow that instantly identifies impacted patients and provides end-to-end care management tools for care delivery, monitoring, and reporting.

“For too long, the industry has lacked comprehensive advisory management; clinical care providers need and deserve more,” said Todd Butka, Founder and CEO of Murj. “We envisioned a solution that could reduce a months-long advisory management process to just minutes, and we succeeded.  I am incredibly proud of the Murj product and engineering teams.”

Murj Advisory Management is available today and customers are reporting substantial efficiency gains and improved staff satisfaction.

“We manage thousands of patients and used spreadsheets for advisories in the past. It was essentially a manual process and incredibly burdensome,” said Nyree Sencion-Akhtar DNP MSN FNP-C, Lead Device NP at Westchester Heart & Vascular Electrophysiology. “After adopting Murj Advisory Management, our advisory workflow is organized in one platform where all staff have access. In a short timeframe, we’ve reduced the burden on our staff and streamlined our advisory management process tremendously.”

Murj Advisory Management Capabilities

  • Instant Patient Identification  Murj can automatically identify impacted patients.
  • Population Management  Status reports for all advisories and discrete action tracking.
  • Workflow Management – Filter patients by actions needed, resume workflows at any time.
  • Time Savings – Reduce a process that used to take weeks to just minutes.

Murj is a digital healthcare company that provides cloud-based software applications to empower clinicians to manage cardiac device patients with next-generation clinical insight and unparalleled efficiency. The Murj cardiac device workflow experience lowers care costs and improves the quality and quantity of patient care, staff satisfaction, and care provider economics. Learn more at

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