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At Heart Rhythm 2023, Murj joined over 8,900 heart rhythm professionals in New Orleans, engaging with attendees to showcase our platform’s capabilities, discuss trends in CIED management, and celebrate industry achievements. We connected with skilled clinicians, staff, and thought leaders, who shared valuable insights during educational sessions. Murj’s community of experts was recognized for their unique perspectives and proficiency in CIED clinic management.

It was a jam-packed three days, so read on for a recap of some of the memorable moments.

Unlocking the power of community: Murj M2 Summit fuels collaboration and innovation

The Murj M2 Summit during Heart Rhythm 2023 brought together innovative Murj users and members of the Murj leadership team for an enlightening evening focused on fostering collaboration and sharing insights. The M2 initiative aims to harness the collective power of the Murj community, encouraging the exchange of best practices and facilitating networking opportunities. The event highlighted the transformative potential of unity and showcased how, together, the Murj community can drive positive change in CIED care and improve patient outcomes.

Celebrating excellence: The Murj CARE Award recipients

Murj is thrilled to acknowledge the inaugural recipients of the Murj Cardiology Achievement and Recognition of Excellence (CARE) Award. This award recognizes outstanding CIED care achievement at healthcare institutions that utilize Murj for CIED management. Institutions were presented with their awards at Heart Rhythm 2023.

These exceptional providers have achieved CIED care compliance scores of no less than 90 percent throughout an entire year. In the presence of the growing CIED patient counts and an expanding volume of data that providers must review, this award represents a commitment to the very best in patient care.

Murj celebrates the winners of the CARE Award and expresses our deepest respect for their hard work, passion, and unwavering pursuit of excellence. Their receipt of this honor is a testament to their contributions to the field and their dedication to providing the highest standards of care to their patients.

Murj speaker series brings expert insight to the exhibition floor

Murj had the pleasure of hosting an exclusive educational series at the company booth during day two of Heart Rhythm 2023, featuring esteemed speakers from the main stage. Here’s a rundown of the insightful sessions that took place:

Excellence in patient care: Achieving high-performance standards in the device clinic

Sallie Gustafson, AHP, senior device clinic manager at Emory Health, shared invaluable insights on developing effective standard processes for clinics and maintaining consistent adherence to those standards.

Remote monitoring for the heart failure (HF) patient

Amy Kleinhans, AHP, nurse practitioner at HonorHealth, provided valuable insights into optimizing both CIED HF algorithms and remote physiologic monitoring for HF patients.

Session follow-up: Q&A at the Murj booth

Dr. Gery Tomassoni, electrophysiologist at Baptist Health Lexington, continued discussing the atrial fibrillation (AF) study he co-authored with Murj’s own Megan McCabe, an analytics engineer. The study compared clinician-indicated AF with device-indicated AF using data from the Murj platform.

We are grateful to the speakers for their valuable contributions, and we look forward to bringing you more enlightening sessions in the future. Keep an eye out for recordings of each session coming soon!

Making connections in the Big Easy

Throughout Heart Rhythm 2023, Murj showcased the transformative capabilities of modern CIED workflow software that delivers care efficiency, unique population insights, and benchmarks for the very best in patient care. From remote transmission and in-office interrogation management to data analytics and EHR integrations, the Murj solutions impressed attendees with streamlined workflows, enhanced patient care, and improved operational efficiency.

The event served as a platform to strengthen relationships, forge new connections, and reinforce our commitment to supporting healthcare organizations in their pursuit of excellence.
See you next year in Boston for Heart Rhythm 2024!