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As we bid farewell to another incredible year, Team Murj proudly reflects on the strides we made in continuing to deliver a transformative platform for cardiac device clinical care. In 2023, Murj remained steadfast in our commitment to empowering modern CIED care through cutting-edge technology and services.

It was a year filled with milestones, including:

We didn’t achieve these milestones on our own. Team Murj celebrates the collective successes and pivotal moments alongside our esteemed customers and partners. It’s their unwavering support, insightful feedback, and dedicated collaboration that propels Murj forward.

Join us on this end-of-year journey as we revisit key events and achievements that made 2023 special.

The Pulse turns one

The Pulse podcast continued to deliver exceptional content and insightful interviews with prominent CIED professionals. As we celebrated the first anniversary of the podcast in June, we took pride in the diverse array of guests who offered unique perspectives on CIED management. Sharing experiences and best practices has empowered our audience with valuable insights and helped to shape new perspectives on advancing CIED care.

Looking to 2024, we’re excited to air new and compelling discussions and fresh perspectives. Stay tuned for new episodes by following Murj on X (formerly Twitter) and LinkedIn.

Making our presence known

In 2023, Murj engaged with thought leaders, professionals, and innovators at multiple conferences. From in-depth discussions on the latest software and device advancements to collaborative exchanges of best practices, these events provided a platform for Murj, and customers, to contribute to and learn from the Murj community of experts in cardiac device management.

In May, Team Murj headed to New Orleans for the Heart Rhythm Society’s Heart Rhythm 2023. Murj joined over 8,900 heart rhythm professionals to showcase the transformative capabilities of its platform, emphasizing care efficiency, unique population insights, and benchmarks for top-notch patient care. Highlights included the Murj M2 Summit, which fostered collaboration among Murj users and company leadership, and the recognition of outstanding CIED care through the inaugural Murj CARE Award.

At Heart Rhythm 2023, Murj hosted a unique speaker series that featured experts sharing insights on clinic processes and remote monitoring for heart failure (HF) patients. Murj Analytics Engineer Megan McCabe also shared findings from her study on device-indicated atrial fibrillation (AF) episodes.

October saw Team Murj trek to Austin, Texas for MedAxiom’s CV Transforum Fall’23. Murj COO Reed Gaither sat down with HeartPlace COO Mike Plantz for an educational spotlight session where the two discussed key topics related to CIED workflow improvement. Plantz shed light on how HeartPlace achieved improvements in patient care, clinic efficiency, and staff satisfaction through the adoption of Murj’s CIED management software.

Growing the team

In 2023, Murj surpassed 100 employees, marking significant growth and investment in product expansion, engineering, and interoperability. This growth positions the company to enhance software and services offerings, as well as expand cutting-edge solutions in CIED management and systems interoperability.

Interested in learning more about what a day in the life of a Murj employee looks like? Explore first-hand accounts from a Customer Success Manager and an Optimization Specialist, and get a glimpse into the dynamic and collaborative environment that defines the Murj experience.

Cheers to shared success

In the spirit of the season and year-end reflections, we extend our deepest gratitude to all of the customers and partners who have been an integral part of Murj’s success story. Your trust, expertise, and commitment have been the driving force behind our innovations and advancements.

We look forward to continuing this journey together, pushing boundaries, and achieving new heights in modern cardiac care.

Cheers to you, your patients, and your loved ones for health, safety, happiness, and shared successes ahead.